DFE Sanctuary Buildings

Lead Government Department

New Government agencies

The Teaching Agency

The Teaching Agency is due to open in April 2012, subject to parliamentary approval and will take on some key functions currently carried out by:

  • The Training and Development Agency for Schools
  • General Teaching Council for England
  • Children’s Workforce Development Council
  • The Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency

Link to DFE press notice

Standards and Testing Agency

Inspection and regulation

School improvement and leadership

See more on school improvement here.

Funding agencies

  • Schools in England are mainly funded by their Local Authority, or new Academies and Free Schools are state funded by the Department for Education. However this is a complex area and Government policy is still being developed in some areas. See DFE for more information.
  • See also: Young People’s Learning Agency (due to be replaced by the Education Funding Agency in April 2012)

Professional and representative bodies



School governors and parents

School business management resources

Exam bodies

Curriculum resources and teacher forums

  • This site was being developed by QCDA, which the Government is closing. QCDA are looking to sell the site and trademark
  • TES Connect. Lesson plans and teaching resources from the Times Educational Supplement, including videos from the now closed Teachers TV
  • Teacher Talk
  • Teachmeet Teachers sharing resources and ideas with other teachers with regualr meetings around the country

Teacher Recruitment and Development

Trade Unions

Teaching Awards

Support for teaching staff

Other links

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