Policy and Think Tanks


Government Green Papers, White Papers, Bills and recent Acts of Parliament and major regulatory changes

Green and White Papers are the earlier consultative stages of a Bill before formal presentation to Parliament (not all Bills have a Green Paper). Once a Bill has completed the Parliamentary process and has received Royal Assent it becomes an Act of Parliament and becomes law. The date the Act becomes law will be laid down in the Act, it is not always immediate, and some measures may become law in stages, or be left as reserve powers for Ministers.

Acts of Parliament under the current Government

Bills before Parliament

There are a large number of Bills which impact on education and skills, but these are the main ones that have education and skills at their core and are sponsored by DFE or BIS. Private Member’s Bills are also shown with the most relevant Department (DFE) or (BIS) given in paratheses. For the full list see the UK Parliament website Bills before Parliament 2010-11 


Policy Think Tanks

This is not an exhaustive list but covers many of the policy think tanks that are most active in the education sector.

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