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Media collage


Most newspapers will carry some education news but the main national publications with a string focus on education are:

Teachers TV

  • Teachersmedia. Teachers TV  longer exists but many of its programmes are now on this site


There are numerous websites and they change by the day, but some of the most authorative and enduring, in addition to the websites of the newspapers listed above are:


Again there are a large number of Blogs which come and go, but some of the more interesting (of all policy/political persuasions) include:

and including many from a pupil perspective:

Please feel free to suggest others.

The inclusion of these blogs and other media doesn’t mean this site agrees with what is written in them.


  • @ukedchat
  • @SecEd_Education
  • article about Twitter use in education

Social media: some of the top sites

  • Bebo. Social network, popular with younger people.
  • Delicious. Social bookmarking.
  • Facebook. You’ve heard of it, you may well be on it. But make a difference between a personal profile, which many teachers will avoid, and an organisation profile.
  • Flickr. For photos.
  • Foursquare. Location based.
  • Google+. Google’s version of Facebook launced 2011. Will it take off?
  • Tumblr. For Blogs.
  • Twitter. Good for quick and short news announcements, linked with your website.
  • WordPress. A Blog tool, plus you can create a website with it (like this one)
  • YouTube. For videos. YouTube is the second largest ‘search engine’ after Google, posting a video helps you to drive up your Google search rankings.

A good resource to learn more about social media:

Social media: some that are disappearing

These two Google products are reported to be about to be rebranded and brought under the Google+ brand:

  • Google Blogger
  • Google Picasa. For photos.
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