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Finding your way around the education sector in the UK can be difficult and confusing.

Education is devolved to each of the four constituent countries, but some organisations operate just in one country, some in two, some in three, and some across the whole UK.

So, I’ve tried to provide quick links, with occasional short explanations and as much as possible a common structure, so you can get to the original source you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

England, as the largest country and with more separate agencies and other organisations, inevitably dominates to some extent.

Some information, such as research and data that may be of interest to anyone for comparative purposes, is given its own section. Some information, as a section expands, may get moved to its own page. as the site will be continually evolving, but I will ensure content that has been moved is cross-referenced.

What will work for one person, won’t work for someone else, but please give constructive criticism if you think something essential has been missed, or if you find a link is missing or now out of date. Bear in mind, nobody is paying me to do this, so I won’t always be able to update content immediately and I need to keep the site to a manageable size.

About me

I have worked for nearly 30 years in marketing and communications roles, for much of this time in the public and education sectors, though I started life in the private sector. My work has included major publishing projects with DFE (in some of its many earlier guises), working for Ofsted, QCDA, the Teacher Support Network group of charities and two FE Colleges and two HE Institutions covering the full range of marketing, communications and event management work. A key focus of many of these roles has been turning around under-performing areas into successful ones, and I’ve usually managed to reduce marketing budgets at the same time to get money back onto the frontline.

I do have a CELTA certificate and a long time ago was an English assistant in a German school as part of my year abroad (up to 38 to a class for up to an hour and left on my own!), but I’ve never been a teacher and don’t claim to have the right to tell teachers how to teach. I have, however, been a student at just about every type of post-16 institution you can imagine including a red-brick University, a small College of HE, a Poly, FE and adult education colleges (I’ve even been doing some courses recently) so I do feel able to express views both as a direct ‘customer’ and for much of my time as an employer responsible for staff development.

However, helpful information, and not my opinions, are the point of this site and any opinions expressed will mainly be confined to the blogging area. There are plenty of others blogging on education subjects and you can find more details of these on the media and blogs  page.

If, in the meantime, you think I could help you with any paid marketing and communications work, please do contact me. Like, for example, if you don’t use free blogs, as they are a very cost effective/free way of communicating which with a new chief inspector at Ofsted, Parent View and FE and HE students paying more and more for their courses good communications will be vital.

Best wishes

Leigh Horton

E: ldh.london@gmail.com

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